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Digital Humanities Projects

Dickinson’s Birds: A Listening Machine, 2024. 
Radical Scatters: An Electronic Archive of Emily Dickinson’s Late Fragments and Related Texts, 1870-1886. 2007.

Articles & Other Works, 2014–2024: selected

“Unsilent Springs: Dearchivizing the Data Choirs of Dickinson’s Time-Shifted Birds,” in The Future of Digital Editing. Eds. Matt Cohen, et al. University of Minnesota Press, 2024, forthcoming 
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Films + Exhibitions

Up to Astonishment: An exploration of Dickinson’s work with film-maker Benita Raphan, poet Susan Howe, and scholar Marta Werner @ 2020. Featured scholar.
My Letter to the World, a documentary about Emily Dickinson, directed by Sol Papadopoulos, Hurricane Films, Liverpool, UK, @ 2017. Featured scholar.
“Forever is Composed of Now –,” The Poetry Foundation, Chicago, IL, @ 2013. Featured scholar /voice-over commentary on Emily Dickinson. 

Selected Academic Prizes 

2023: The Richard J. Finneran Prize, Society for Textual Scholarship, for Writing in Time: Emily Dickinson’s Master Hours. 
2013: Textual Cultures Prize, for “Reportless Places: Facing the Modern Manuscript,” Textual Cultures, 6.2: 60–83.
2011: Textual Cultures Prize, for “Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan: Writing Otherwise,” Textual Cultures, 5.1: 1–45.
2001: Jo Ann Boydson Essay Prize, Association for Documentary Editing, for an Essay Review of R. W. Franklin’s The Poems of Emily Dickinson, in TEXT, 12: 255–63.
1999: Fredson Bowers Prize, Society for Textual Scholarship, for “‘Most Arrows’”: Autonomy and Intertextuality in Emily Dickinson’s Late Fragments,” in TEXT, 10: 41–74.